Who We Are

Launched during the COVID pandemic, in December of 2021, Themixandmingle.com is unique foray in the online dating market. This site is currently in development and considered a live test. We are currently available to users in 1 city. The City of Killeen, where this site was built and is based is our first rollout. We’d like to create romantic opportunities so singles are more likely to find someone special. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about what people want. We intended to provide the tools to help people find it. More cities coming soon!

How It Works

On Themixandmingle.com, we give singles the opportunity to express themselves through various free writing sections. Profiles may include various photos, as well as selected preferences regarding the person they’re searching for. All communication between members on Themixandmingle.com happens through a messaging system. The names and contact information of all our members are kept confidential until the member personally decides to share the information with a another member. Profiles and photos are screened for appropriateness when posted to the site.